Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I have returned to The Mawr. Due to the snowpocalypse(!) I was stuck in DC for an extra day and, as a result, missed all of my Monday classes (sorry about that…). Having finished watching Matilda and doing arts and crafts, I now sit here with my cup of peppermint tea, ready to regale you with tales of my harrowing adventures…

And by “adventures” I clearly mean “sitting inside being amused by the panic.”

Seriously though, the panic, especially in my hometown, whenever it snows, is truly ridiculous. It’s just semi-frozen water, people. Yes, there’s a lot of it. Yes, it makes things slippery, but the human race managed to live through an ice age. You’d think we’d be able to deal with some snow. The really unfortunate thing though, is that apparently we can’t. Despite extensive planning and positioning, a lot slipped through the cracks. To be honest, it really was a shitshow.

Which, I guess, brings us to my weekend, although it isn’t a particularly fitting transition…

My weekend was really pretty boring and yet simultaneously quite bizarre. Friday was doctor’s appointment/blood test/prepare for insanity day, Saturday was homework/find out I’m even more anemic/for the first time be glad I have the joints of an octogenarian and can’t shovel/veg day, and Sunday was sophisticated Superbowl/more homework/arts and crafts day.

…I was going to try to expand on just how bizarre this weekend was for me, but words fail me. I guess it really was one of those “you had to be there” moments, just extended for an entire weekend.

My delay in returning to campus was kind of good in a way. I mean, it sucks that I missed my classes and now I’m all paranoid that I missed really important material that will ultimately make or break my grade in the class, but on the other hand I got to give my aunt a tour of campus and we had Peace a Pizza and Hope’s Cookies and she saw my closet of a room and life slowed down without coming to a complete halt like I feel it does during breaks.

I’m supposed to “take it easy.” Doctor’s orders. Sleep. Easier said than done. I guess I’m already disobeying. Well, I had my green leafy vegetables at dinner tonight and I’ll be taking all my pills and vitamins and supplements and whatnot, so it’s not like I’m rebelling. I’m just being a college student. A busy college student. With tons of reading and a little bit of a procrastination habit…. And a little bit of a Farmville addiction…. Don’t judge me.

Well I am almost done with my peppermint tea and I believe I have run out of things about which to blather on for now, so this is where I leave you with another saying from my mini-fridge: my foot is like a dream come true.

~Ellery Baxendale

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