Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life lessons compliments of a much longer than necessary car ride

So your college years/your 20s are the times for experiences and making lots of life choices. Some of those choices will inevitably be bad. My friend and I made a bad life choice today.

Driving back from fall break in DC we hit massive traffic and felt a powerful need to not be in a car, so we decided to stop for food. Long story short: we ended up having to choose between a shady looking Pizza Hut and a Denny’s. We chose Denny’s. Now I feel kind of sick. And there you have it: today’s bad life choice. 

The moral of the story: when traffic lets up, KEEP GOING. 
Do not decide that you need to stretch or eat or anything. You are not hungry. There will be food at your destination. You don’t have to pee. You do? You can hold it; it’s only 40 more minutes. Do. Not. Stop. (Especially at a Denny’s somewhere in Delaware where they ask you if you’d like to start with some nachos or pancake puppies).