Monday, December 12, 2011

~60 hours in the life

We begin Friday evening:

Leave work intending to go to the gym. It's frikin' cold. Watch t.v. instead.

Successfully wake up in time to shower, get ready, get coffee/breakfast, and make it to class on time for my test. Take test without (much) incident. Change 2 correct answers to wrong answers at the last minute. Kick self later. Take CPR test. Pass. Rejoice. Commence waiting impatiently for card to be in my possession (~2 weeks in theory). Spend the rest of my Saturday watching Sister Wives on t.v. while taking 3 out of 4 online MCFRS tech classes and drinking wine. Go to bed early-ish. 

Wake up Sunday morning. Class. "Assess" classmates with fake complaints. Quick nap between class and duty. Arrive at squad. Finish remaining tech class. Learn how to read a map. Discover that fluffy comforter provides the illusion of a comfy bed. 3 a.m. call. Back to bed. Back home to get ready for work. 

Take pills. Too lazy to take multiple gulps of water. Start to choke on a pill. EMT training actually kicks in. Remind self that partially-obstructed airways usually clear themselves (or the become completely obstructed and then I could pass out and die, but I don't remind myself of that). Commence coughing-involuntary retching cycle. Eventually clear airway. Congratulate self on staving off complete panic attack. Take anxiety medication. Finish getting ready. Realize that socks actually show despite bootie-style heels. Decide mismatched polka dot socks add a touch of whimsy (also that warm feet are more important. It's cold out there). Crave peppermint mocha. Realize I have neither the time nor the money for that. Decide to create own peppermint mocha. Fail spectacularly. Rectify situation at work by diluting with ( a lot) more coffee. Contemplate taking nap under desk during lunch. Not even 11 yet. Will revisit possibility later.

My life is so exciting, I know. It's now around the time when I eat lunch. I still like the idea of a nap, but I'm also hungry. Quite the conundrum, I know. 

I really do have a post that is related to the usual topics of this blog, but it's on my computer at home and I'm currently at work. It'll be posted in the near future (probably).

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