Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear readers,

I have been neglectful. I am sorry. Well... kind of. I had a lot going on.

For example, I neglected to mention that my birthday was earlier this month. I didn't really do anything exciting. I did, however, have a job interview. AND I GOT THE JOB. Now that's birthday luck.

I started this past week, and while I think this will prove to be a valuable experience, I have NO IDEA how people spend the majority of their adult lives doing this. Sitting at a desk staring at a computer all day long is kind of killing me. I come home and can't focus my eyes.

But I'm working in publishing, so all my work involves books. BOOKS, people. My one, true love.

I'm not throwing out my grad school plans though. It feels like a long process and now that I'm not home all day it's a little bit harder to get myself to focus and do something during my time off.

I had an informational interview with my friend's old boss, and he suggested another grad school that I hadn't even heard of. The program seems amazing though AND the campus is 2 blocks away from the NY office of the company I work at. I honestly have no idea if I'd be able to transfer to the NY office, but first I have to apply and get into programs. Then I have to assess which would be best for me. Then I can figure out if a transfer would be possible. Like I said, it's a long process.

OK, so that was my check-in and I really will start writing interesting things and reviewing books again and all that jazz. If someone would just pay me to read all day I could do that again and blog about it and it would be PERFECT. Yes, I know. In my dreams...

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