Friday, June 3, 2011

A Room-y Review

I just finished Room by Emma Donoghue. When I started reading it, the word ‘creepy’ most frequently came to mind. Room is a terrific book, but it’s also incredibly unsettling at times. Given the general storyline, that isn’t especially surprising, but that doesn’t necessarily change anything.

Room is the story of Jack and Ma who live together in an 11 x 11 foot room. For Jack, Room is all he knows — his entire world — and everything else is just TV, not real. Only he and Ma and Old Nick, the ‘ogre’ who comes in the night to take the trash and bring the groceries, are real. Then Jack turns five and learns that things Outside are “real for real” and that there’s a whole world outside of Room.

As I mentioned, it’s incredibly unsettling at times. Even so, Room is a great read. Maybe just not when you’re in the mood for something light and fun.

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