Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Health Interlude

Recently I’ve really been trying to get myself to a healthy place. After being sick for so long and being on an abundance of medication that in many ways just made me feel worse, I’m trying to take back control and become truly healthy. I’ve been seeing a dietician who has me cutting out gluten and soy, upping my protein intake (which is difficult since I’m a vegetarian who only eats seafood because all my doctors told me that my body needs it right now), and taking supplements to decrease inflammation and help my body de-stress. I’m also trying to exercise. I’ve gotten to the point that I really wish I could get myself into running. Given my current joint issues and the fact that I had shin splints before prednisone turned me into a blimp, that doesn’t really seem feasible right now. Maybe I’ll try every once in a while.

I thought all these dietary restrictions would make things really difficult, but so far it has been OK. It just seems to take a little longer to prepare meals and snacks these days, but I can manage. The other night I made the massaged kale salad again. It was delicious. I tend to forget how much I like mangoes. I keep finding recipes that look amazing, so as I continue to try to become a responsible adult and take control of my body and eating habits, I’m also going to try to cook more. At least that’s the plan.

Here’s a picture of one of the mangoes I expertly sliced (with the help of the internet) into something that looks like a delicious hedgehog or something:

There have been a few books that I've read/been sent for review that deal with health and dieting, but they all strike me as incredibly unhealthy or impractical. Or both. One book I was sent to review is Turbocharged. To be honest, I've tried to finish reading this book on multiple occasions, but I just find it incredibly off-putting. It basically says to eat foods that have a high water content so that it tricks your body into thinking that you're full. I'm sure it isn't the intention of the authors of the book, but it comes off as "If you follow our rules, soon you won't have to eat at all!" and that is just not healthy. For anyone. I'm in a unique situation where I gained a bunch of weight in an incredibly unnatural way, and now have to fight to lose it, but even for a "regular" person, the Turbocharged tips and some of the techniques that this type of book suggests just don't make sense.

In other book-related news, I’m reading at least four books right now, so hopefully I’ll finish something and then post a review.

What kind of yummy, healthy things do you like to eat? Any idea on how I can get myself into running and skip the wanting to die part?

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