Monday, February 7, 2011

Times like these, certain insecurities pop up.

I guess there are people who don't realize that I actually do read their blog, and don't just ask for the url to be polite...

Oh well, at certain points, it is really out of my control. Also, things go both ways, I just don't really bitch about it.

Anyway, I finished Bed of Sphinxes today. It was actually one day overdue, so I had a marathon reading session and got through the rest of it pretty quickly. I enjoyed it. I can't give much more of a review than that because I'm pretty sure it was just way over my head.

Anyway, sorry for my bitchfest. I'm continuing to slowly get through Infinite Jest and I think I'm going to start Love in the Time of Cholera soon. Franny and Zooey and Catching Fire are also just sitting there, begging to be read... There are many other things I'm supposed to be reading though, so we'll see. I also have The Eyre Affair out from the library and halfway done, and someone lent me The Dante Club, so I'd like to read it and get it back to them in a timely fashion. So many books, so little time... That's also the title of another book I've been meaning to read for a while. I'm pretty sure I left that one at home though...

OK, back to required reading. I'll try to get in a bit of something before I actually sleep, but it kind of depends on how much later I'm awake. Ah, college.

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