Sunday, February 27, 2011

I feel like if it doesn't beep, it's really anticlimactic

You may not know this about me, but I drink tea like it's my job.

My electric kettle has been on the fritz... well, since I got it. Since I never got around to replacing it, I tend to use the microwave to heat up my water (but I make it boil, baby. I make it boil!). We have a communal microwave in this thing called a tea pantry. It's like a kitchen, but without a stove or oven or dishwasher, and every floor has one.

Now to the pointy bit: the microwave does not ding. Nor does it buzz or blip or beep to alert you that your food (or boiling water) is done. Now, since it is in a communal space and close to people's rooms I understand the lack of alerting noise. Whoever lives next door to the ta pantry probably doesn't care that your 3 a.m. cup of tea is ready. I get that. BUT, I also do a microwave dance while I wait for my things to heat up (don't make that face. you know you do it too) and it is so very anticlimactic when the microwave doesn't beep to tell me that it is tea time.

This oh-dear-lord-I'm-reading-the-blog-of-a-crazy-person moment brought to you by: Bigelow Tea!

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  1. Very interesting tea ritual indeed, but it's all yours, and if it makes you happy, that works, right?

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