Saturday, January 8, 2011


I don't know how I managed not to mention this way sooner, but I got a nook for my birthday. I didn't get many chances to use it while in school, but this break has given me a chance. I actually read Northanger Abbey on it, and now I have Catching Fire waiting for me. I absolutely love it.

Ever since I started thinking about e-readers, I've felt conflicted. I love books. I love their solidity and smell and the feel of the pages... *dreamy sigh* The problem is that I'm often carrying multiple books. And that can get heavy, which really isn't good for me. Just ask the chiropractor I'm seeing twice a week...

In the end I buckled because, let's face it, girls like toys too! I started researching and decided to get a nook once I got paid for my summer editing (got the check today. oy), but my parents beat me to it.

I really do like reading on it. Even with the e-ink screen, there is sometimes a bit of a glare, but it doesn't hurt my eyes like reading on my computer does. Depending on the book, one page might be two or three on the nook. That isn't a huge issue though. It shows your progress on the bottom of the screen, but I will say that I think I prefer going by the feel of the book, rather than the actual number.

One of my favorite features of the nook is the dictionary. When I read books and come to a word I don't know, I'm usually too lazy to go look it up in a dictionary. With the nook, I can just scroll to the word and click 'look up' and it takes me to the dictionary entry. It's expanding my vocabulary, and I think it's just plain cool!

Family brunch tomorrow, I think it might be time for bed...

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