Sunday, January 16, 2011

School is about to start. I am not ready, to say the least. Originally I planned to leave today. That is clearly not happening. I'm still working on finishing my laundry and packing and all that annoyingness.

I also have a lot of reading I still want to do and I know most of it won't happen once classes start. Alas. What's a bibliophile to do?

Between packing and reading, I'm trying to work on more thesis research since that pretty much didn't happen over break, and start my grad school application. The more I hear, the more it seems like grad school is definitely not necessary, but this program is one year and would give me the chance to live overseas (as an actual adult).

I don't know. There's way too much going through my head right now. I shall report back when I am more coherent.

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