Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shall we celebrate?

Well, dear reader, I have reaced a new milestone in the insanity.

My book list has officially broken 1000 books. My last bout of "oooh! that looks interesting!" click-throughs on goodreads has brought me to 1021 on my never-ending list. In addition, I finished one book today and started two more.

I have 20 books checked out of the library right now (and 5 on hold) and I'd like to finish them all before I go back to school. Then there are also all those books that I own, but haven't gotten around to reading yet...

It'll work. Really. I hope.

Getting all this reading done would be a lot easier if I didn't have to sleep or go to math class or, really, do anything else. Alas.

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