Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do not ask me why, but this amuses me to no end.

I think maybe I've reached the end of my rope. I'm so fried that the only things my brain can process at this point are "book" and "cat". I determined last night while talking to my mother on the phone that close proximity to a cat is really a necessity for my sanity. I am not in close proximity to a cat. I have a stuffed llama named Antonio, but he just isn't doing the trick. And thus we wave goodbye to any semblance of sanity I had left when I started the semester.

Anyway, now that I've picked apart why this picture resonates with me (the only two things left in my brain), is it any less amusing?

Nope. Still giggling like a maniac. I might be scaring the people in Carpenter who have the misfortune of being near the circulation desk.

Well back to a certain "autobiography" which brings to the forefront a whole different kind of crazy...

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