Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The fabulous rabbit flies at night

Today I found out that my friend has a blog.

A secret blog.

A blog that is a secret and in which she talks about her secrets.

I feel betrayed.
Not actually, but I'm a very nosy person and now I want to read this blog.
I need to read this blog.
But she won't let me.

I've tried to convince her that she should let me read it and then we could come up with code names to refer to all these secret things and it would be so cool. She agreed on the coolness factor of the code names but still won't show me the blog.

I am distraught.
And painfully curious.
Mostly the latter.

Also now I have all these code names and I feel they must be put to use. I'll wear her down... Or get bored bothering her about it... Or wait until she's drunk and ask her...

Meanwhile, the fabulous rabbit flies at night!

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