Sunday, April 4, 2010

Winter has fled...

...and it has absconded with any of the work ethic I may have (at one time) had.

Spring has come to Bryn Mawr. And with it come flip flops and sun dresses and lying out on the green. Unfortunately, spring also obliterates my desire to do anything school related.

You see, theoretically this lying out on the green is accompanied by work. It is a brilliant theory, but not one that really works in the real world. When lying out there in the sun it's just too nice out to think about work.

Also, the sun melts brain cells. It's true. There have been studies. Look it up.

And so our brain cell-impaired selves are forced to do nothing but enjoy the lovely springtime weather and read non-academic books. In fact, if we attempt to do something productive, that lovely springtime breeze that feels so nice running through our hair ruffles the pages of whatever we're reading/working on in such an infuriatingly annoying manner that we are forced to relinquish our goals towards productivity.

But what, you may ask, if I go work in the library, guarded from the brain cell-melting sun and gentle breeze?
Well, I shall answer, then you encounter a whole different form of distraction, for in the library you are in a sanctum of work. Everything around you suggests work. And yet you know that just beyond those walls is a glorious day, calling out your name.

The call of that paper due tomorrow is strong, but the call of spring is stronger.

And yet, we Bryn Mawr women somehow manage to do it all - frolic in the sun and finish that paper. How do we do it, you ask? Well, maybe that's just one more Bryn Mawr secret...

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