Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another "life experience" to check off the list...

I have this lingering feeling that tonight my dreams are going to include my "disappointed" grandfather (who died of lung cancer) and great aunt (who died of emphysema).

I tried hookah for the first time earlier tonight in celebration of my friend's birthday. The whole hookah bar atmosphere thing was kind of cool, but I don't feel like the smoking was anything particularly exciting and as an asthmatic, my lungs will probably be burning tomorrow.

I don't really foresee myself smoking again. I might go and hang out with people who wanted to smoke, but I don't think I would partake. I mean, the reason I had fun tonight was definitely because I was hanging out with some awesome people -- many of whom I haven't spent nearly enough time with this semester.

I think for "going out" I prefer regular bars. occurs to me I've never been to an American bar. Perhaps I should save that particular judgment until I can actually compare.

In any case, they were playing music and sometimes we wanted to sing along or dance, but that place was just not really the kind of place where that fit.

Gah, I don't know.

I hope I can breathe tomorrow.

(ps- Rilo Kiley's "smoke detector" just came on on my itunes)

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