Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Home at last!

And by "home" I mean Carpenter. And by "at last" I mean "again."

I joke about it, but I pretty much do live here. I once considered averaging out time spent in Carpenter vs. time spent in my room, but I decided that would be too depressing. It also wouldn't be an accurate representation since half the time I leave the library it's only because it's closing and I'm forced to. I also don't know how to count time spent sleeping...

In any case, if I'm going to spend an absurd number of waking hours in a library, I guess I'm glad it's this one. I really do love Carpenter -- almost to the point that I can get somewhat over-defensive of it.

I kind of think that Bryn Mawr's beauty almost makes up for some of the utter hell it puts us through.


It is a crazily beautiful campus. I keep meaning to bring my camera around with me so I can take pictures of everything in bloom. One day I will and then all the people I know will be subjected to facebook photo album after facebook photo album of "Look how gorgeous my school is!"
And they will be jealous and all will be right with the world.

And now I suppose I should return to doing what one does in a library - find new ways to procrastinate. Or work. Whichever.
At some point I will have a spare moment in which to play around with the magnetic poetry on my fridge and then you will once again be subjected to what can only be described as, well, Magnetic Poetry Gone Awry .

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