Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another reason I love the Mawr

Today, while waiting for the blue bus at Haverford I was sort of half-eavesdropping on a conversation between an acquaintance of mine and one of her friends. I felt I had relevant information, so I mentioned it. Once we got on the bus, this girl and I started talking and we pretty much talked about anthropology, linguistics, and languages for the whole time the bus was sitting in front of stokes and the entire bus ride.

This just reminded me that as awkward as we generally are as Bryn Mawr women, we can also have great moments like these. It was only as we were parting ways after we got off the bus that this girl and I thought to ask each other’s name. It’s just cool that we can have intellectual conversations with people we barely know and still have some sort of connection.

On a side note, but relevant to my love of BMC, as well as my post about my obsession with BMC, I bought another water bottle… But it’s pretty and it’s my class color and it holds more! See! Useful!

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