Saturday, April 10, 2010

So I just returned from a Lady Ga-Ga themed party. Loosely themed. I wore a blue skirt and purple tights because that's really as ga-ga as I ge-et, but I was hoping to see some incredibly outrageous outfits. Sadly that wasn't the case. Some people were wearing PJs or sweats. No biggy really, and as a result I didn't end up feeling over/under/wrongly dressed.

Going to this party was nice. I got to have some good quality time with friends who I haven't gotten to have good quality time with, even though I see like half of them on a daily basis in our second home (Carpenter). Tonight's experience has led me to a somewhat contradictory decision.

I think I need to party more. I realize that most college student across the US will probably wake up tomorrow vowing to party less, and others, upon seeing their grades on the paper due next week will make that very same vow, but I think I need to party more.

I spend so much time agonizing over schoolwork. Sometimes I just need to let loose. It's probably good for my health. And so I will try. I make no promises because I am, after all, a creature of habit, but I will do my best.

I think it's important that we remember that school is important, but we're only young 20-somethings once and college is about a lot of things - not just about the degree we get at the end.

And now that I have returned to my hovel in Pem West I will watch an episode or two of Mad Men and eventually go to bed. Hopefully I won't sleep through brunch tomorrow...

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